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Someone who give poor advice and wrong answers while "knowing" they are right and your wrong. When in fact they have no clue or collective knowledge about the "facts" they are discussing.
Poor Memory Guy - "Dude, the Atlanta Braves won the World Series in 1994 man. I remember cause I was in like the 7th grade bro."

Good Memory Guy - "Your wrong but, whatever. Nobody is going to change your mind about it. Baseball had a strike in 1994 and nobody won. Apparently you live in some sort of alternate reality because you seem to know a lot of shit that never happened and your so called facts are almost all mental dillusions."

Random Guy - "Mr. Right is WRONG AGAIN!!" (said very loud and in a mocking manner so anybody within 25 feet can join in and laugh)

25 Feet Away Group of Kids - "PWNED!!" (repeatedly screamed loudly so the rest of the block knows Mr. Right is nearby.)
by ghettochamp February 27, 2008
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