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Collective reference to the pubic hair in a person's crotch, especially when said pubic hair is well-groomed. Related to the word moustache.
Before wearing a Speedo, you should trim your feustache.
by ghetto blaster August 15, 2006
When a sports official makes a really bad call that essentially guarantees a win for one team or player, then the tries to make up for it by making an insignificant ruling in favor of the team or player screwed over by the first call. The make-up call is the "vaseline" call because it's meant to lubricate the figurative anal rape of the first call to make it hurt a little less.
The refs in the 2/28/06 FL State - Duke basketball game had instructions to ensure a Seminole win, but at least they gave Duke a vaseline call near the end of the game.
by ghetto blaster October 12, 2006
a turd, log, dump, or other piece of feces close to (but not quite in) the toilet. Must be a full piece of shit; a smear does not qualify as a ghetto blaster. So named because the old WWF wrestler Bad News Brown (the name is meaningful in this context) had a finishing maneuver called "The Ghetto Blaster"; it was a bomb-drop a little off to the side. This alternate definition originated at the College of William & Mary in 1995.
"He was so drunk he left a ghetto blaster on the edge of the toilet seat"
by ghetto blaster August 06, 2006

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