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A Bay Bay is a song from Hurricane Chris, a rapper from Shreveport, Louisiana. It is his debut single off his debut album 51/50 Ratchet. It was released in June 2007.

The music is typical of Shreveport's Ratchet Music movement due to its use of repeated synthesizer hooks and minimal drums and bass. The chant "A Bay Bay" is derived from "Hey, Bay Bay" with Bay Bay being the nickname of local DJ Hollyhood Bay Bay. People in the club would chant his name for a new song, soon it became used in many clubs for a new song.

The single is currently garnering national airplay thanks in part to being featured on numerous mixtapes and its catchy chorus.

Hurricane Chris goes so far as saying on his MySpace page "I bet that its gonna be a baby’s first word because it’s so catchy." The voice in the beginning is Baby 3, the son of Shreveport rapper 3 Feet. His line is "This Baby 3, everybody say, A Bay Bay."

The music video premiered on 106 & Park as a New Joint on June 12, 2007.

The song debuted on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 at number 95 in June 2007,] rising in the next week to number 85 before jumping sharply to number 24 in its third week on the chart.The song has proven to be extremely popular, it has already peaked in the top ten at number 8 and is still climbing.

There is an official remix featuring The Game, Birdman, Jadakiss, E-40 & Lil Boosie
Random man in club : Ay Bay Bay!!!

Dj : Aight homie i got a new song!!!!!

Ay Bay Bay By Hurricane Chris Starts playing
by ggggffffddddd July 22, 2007

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