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We're All Gonna Die. WAGD is the new YOLO. We're all gonna die, so do what you want and don't give a fuck.
I've got work early tomorrow but I really want to go to this party, #wagd
by gfgetittogether March 08, 2013
A combination of DGAF and YOLO, stands for: Don't give a fuck, you only live once. Used when DGAF just isn't enough and you need to emphasize your true level of dgaf.
"What are you doing--that is so dangerous!"
by gfgetittogether March 08, 2013
A term used to question the legitimacy of something said or done by another person or inanimate object.
"Dude your mom is looking really foxy today."
"Ronestly man? That's messed up."
by gfgetittogether March 08, 2013
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