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to continuously fist away at willing or unwilling anal or vaginal cavity with no remorse whatsoever. It is usally done with fellow coworkers watching and cheering on the poon jabber by screaming "WHOOT THERE IT IS!"
My and the guys got off of work and went to Luke's mom's house and I poon jabbed the shit out of her!
It was so much fun we all went to Burger King came back and poon jab her some more, but this time in her brown eye!
by getsome3378 February 10, 2009
First you get a girl and put rabbit ears on her then sit her on your lap facing away from you. You then place your penis in her anus, and grab her underneath the kness and pull her kness to her chest. You then bounce her up and down on your penis likes a happy easter bunny. She also must yelp out, "Eggs for my basket, give me eggs for my basket!"
I was all out of candy so I gave Luke's mom the ol' easter basket instead!
Bitch was mad happy son!
by getsome3378 February 16, 2009
When you eat a lot of corn and then take a shit inside a lady friends vagina. The corn will respresent the gold coins you'd hope to find at the end of the rainbow.

You then must use your best Irish accent and say, "Oh me founds me pot o' gold!"
You then do an Irish dance like the lord of the dance and shit.
I had eaten too much corn at the Furr's buffet so I gave Luke's mom the ol' pot of gold.
Just about 45 minutes later I gave her another pot of gold, but this time it was on her face!
Bitch was mad happy son!
by getsome3378 February 19, 2009

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