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The phrase used to break up with that person (usually a boyfriend or a girlfriend) who is toxic to you. It keeps it simple, the best way.
"What do you mean you're not coming over on Saturday night? What else do you have to do? We always watch basketball or hockey or football or (worse yet) golf, and you bring the pizza and beer, and we hang."
"Not this Saturday night or any other night after that, Fred, you deplete me. Mind, wallet, and soul. Buh-bye."
by getaclue2007 April 08, 2010
All of those little things - errands, forms, notes, crap - that seem to totally eat up your day. None of it is exciting and you can't quite believe that at the end of the day, you've nothing to show for it.
"What did you do today, honey?"
"The bank, the carwash, the drycleaners, the drugstore, then back to the bank. It's so boring, I can't talk about it because I get depressed. It's the minutiae that ate my life."
by getaclue2007 April 08, 2010
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