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the act of smacking a vagina in order to inflict painful pleasure. The accepted technique is useful when a girl is on her period, since muff slapping does not involve penetration. Advanced slappers indulge in a pre-slap lick of the fingertips (in order to "get it wet"). Most commonly used on crack whores or slutty broads.
Ryan: Yo, did you fuck that bitch last night?
Evan: Nah she had her period so i got it wet then muff slapped the shit outta her.
Ryan: Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiits!
by get it wet 6 February 17, 2008
(noun): this term, sister to muffleupagus, refers to a snatch that is boring. When you see it, your erection goes limp and directly into REM sleep (don't even try to "get it wet").
Angus: Hey man how'd it go with that freshman last night? You "get it wet"?
Wes: Hell nah man, that bitch had a muffasnoraus, put my shit right to sleep.
by get it wet 6 February 19, 2008
(noun): a bitch with a huge hairy muff. Be careful with this term, for the bitch's muff must be as massive and hairy as Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street.
Evan: Dude Bryan's at it again with those big girls!
Mike: No shit, he loves those muffleupagus bitches!
by get it wet 6 February 19, 2008
(noun): a woman whose snatch dates back to the prehistoric age. In fact, most historians suggest that with the proper inspection primative drawings can be found on a muffosaur. Duely noted, the clitoris is usually petrified. Therefore, it would be nearly impossible to "get it wet".
Otter: How was your smash session last night?
Evan: Not a smash session, more like an archaelogical dig, that bitch was a muffosaur!
Otter: Tiiiiiiiiits!
by get it wet 6 February 19, 2008

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