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When you post on Internet forums and don't give a shit what you're saying. In general, being a bad person.
"no more shitposting for you" - Calmdown, shutting down Scrapheap Challenge

"lol 70 euros/month?"
"clamdongue = fail"

phpBB : Critical Error

Could not connect to the database
by germanboy66 January 09, 2012
An EVE Online term. Involves engaging an enemy gang, getting aggression from them, then deploying a cynosural field to allow a carrier or other capital ship to come in and knock them up. A common bait tactic.
Ted: "Our battleship gang was pwning a cruiser gang, then they did a carrier hotdrop. We were jammed, so we dropped like flies."
Fred: "Oh man, that sucks."
by germanboy66 November 28, 2008
A forum thread made for each day of the week, where you discuss what you'll be doing and what you've done so far. Kinda like Twitter, but more formal. Traditionally only lasts for one day due to new daythread being created. Tolerated form of spam and inflated postcounts.
Poster 1: (starts new topic) "Welp, it's 12:01AM in London, so daythread is go."
Poster 2: "Refrigerator is making noises. Doesn't sound good."
Poster 3: "I have the worst hangover."
Poster 4: "+1"

etc, etc
by germanboy66 September 13, 2011

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