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Any attempt at learning material normally impossible to grasp in the daytime hours around midnight. People suffering the midnight mindfuck may notice that this material is somewhat funnier at this time. The most popular material associated with the midnight mindfuck is philosophy, although other insanely hard to comprehend subjects may be applied.
That midnight mindfuck came up behind me when I bent over...and this morning my ass ached something fierce.
by gergerry_da_phzzt September 08, 2007
A guy wakes up with a piss boner when he doesn't totally unload before he goes to bed. This can be especially embarrassing when living with another man or when explaining the concept to a female when under the hysteria of the midnight mindfuck.
I laid in bed for at least an hour this morning and the piss boner I had never went down. I basically had to masturbate to get it to a size reasonable enough to get out of bed with.
by gergerry_da_phzzt September 08, 2007
When a girl wears a dress that pushes her boobs a little too far. Her boobs don't fit all the way in the dress and voila, the roll of excess boob that cascades over the top is called the boob lip.
Didja see that boob lip? Sure hope she doesn't bend over...might fall out.
by gergerry_da_phzzt September 08, 2007
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