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Cupping your hand over your fart box expelling your noxious gasses and then shoving your cupped hand up to a friends nose for a pleasant whiff while repeating the words "cup o'cheese".
Hey Michael...did you see Jon stop scratchin his chode long enough to deliver Aneesa that cup o' cheese??? She was snarffing deep and gaggin wholeheartidly for more!
by Gergee September 23, 2011
It's the built up air present in a ladies vagina after she has had a night of long hard sex. The sweet air is expelled through the vaginal crevice causing her pussy lips to flap back and forth at top speeds making a sloppy fart sound.
Hey did you hear Lisa droppin those poonie farts last night in her sleep? They sounded sloppy wet and nasty. Hope she had her panties lined up right.
by gergee October 05, 2011
The creamy spooge that runs down a girls inner thighs/legs when she stands up too quickly. She has received too big a load from Studly Do Rite and it has to escape her man chops.
Jen don't get up too fast after I fill your twat with my spooge else you'll have a case of Leg Jelly. You know if that happens, I'll have to do you in the behind sose to get some peanut butt-er and make you a peanut butt-er and Leg Jelly sam'ich! Mmmmmm Yummy!
by gergee September 29, 2011
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