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one who has sexual intercourse with a deity in order to good fortune; also used in a manner to piss off religious people
You are a god damn god fucker.
by Gerald February 27, 2005
very secretive or hard to find
Damn, why is your bitch being wujal.

by Gerald May 23, 2003
a beer slut; someone who, while intoxicated, performs intimate sexual acts with members of the same sex and/or other random people
kevin got on riss last night! what a saritte!
by gerald July 31, 2004
sex beast - aphrodisiac
sye walks into a room and all the ladies want to have sex, sye being the sex beast.... delivers promptly
by gerald December 27, 2003
comes from an Irish song "The Fields of Athenry"

Person of low patience, angered easily, but of unstoppable greatness.
ath kicks TomB square in the nuts.
by Gerald July 03, 2004
1. a shiney apple flavoured dance shaped like a sixpence used to buy taxi rides with small pot doll clowns.
2. currency used in lesser nations e.g.London, Cambridge and many other place where only the Queens' english is spoken, because they haven't learnt how to use an accent.
-how much is that doggy in the windoe?
-17 shnigglebots and one squirrel master por favor
by Gerald November 28, 2003
Bisexual; comes from "sexually indiscriminate".
John is a scrimmy because he likes boys and girls.
by Gerald December 01, 2004

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