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A 15 year old female most known for her character on "Camp Rock" or "as the bell rings" disliked by millions of girls for 'stealing' Joe Jonas, though she's only playing a roll in a movie. Remember girls. You have to have something in order for it to be stollen. Not trying to be mean here. I have an insanely huge crush on Joe myself, but I try to keep it under my skin. She is a brunette girl with bangs and an amazing voice. She can play the guitar, piano, sing, act and dance so I say she's pretty talented.
most girls should stop hating and start being jealous. She's just a girl like 51% of the world.

Person 1: Wow, I hate Demi Lovato.
Person 2: Um, why?
Person 1: because she is TOTALLY clicking with Joe!
Person 2: She's playing a role...
Person 1: SO! I still don't like her.
Person 2: Do you even know her?
Person 1: No..
Person 1: Exactly.

you can hate their
dnace moves,
face ( :o )

but not them.
by geostigmax2 July 10, 2008

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