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Newspaper read by retards with a completely upside down world view who seem to find no inconsistency that they like the royal family but accuse immigrants of being freeloaders draining tax payers money. Who think Rich people's SUV-buying money is better where it is than giving asylum seekers a chance of a future or supporting sick people through the NHS. The daily mail's high readership and its poisonous influence on people's brains is the reason so many "populist" policies that the bloody tories love are hateful intollerent, unfair policies that make class divisions and suffering greater.
Daily Mail Reader: Oi DUH... Read this... DUHHH... Asylem seekers bad... DUHHHH... gypsys bad..DUHHHHH. People with funny skin colour bad... DUHHH... Thankyou Daily Mail! You stop My Brain hurting! Maybe asylum seekers why my brain hurt!!! Kill them all!!!!!
by Geoooooooo March 24, 2005
A chav gang typically consists of a bunch of about 15 identicle 8-11 year olds and one socially retarded 18-30 year old who is unable to relate to people his own age. All dressed in the same chav labels from head to toe and baseball caps pushed up to a useless angle. Main activities include throwing things, smashing things and shouting random chav incomprehensible gibberish that they think is funny but is actually exactly the same phrase as every chav has ever yelled at passers by.
Older Chav: Ya Fuckin SSSiufdfsj dkldsfdsjk Blurrrrrr mate!
Passers by: Sorry?
Chav kid to Older chav: Fuckin dsooirn hfiu Him!!
Passer by: Sorry what are you saying?
The chavs are at this point frustrated that they've now exhausted their vocabulary so they head butt the passer by instead
by Geoooooooo March 24, 2005
Also called Chelsea Tractor 4 by 4 SUV. An obese squarish collection of green house gases on wheels rich idiot mothers use but darent ever take off road for fear they will smudge their tested on animals make up. A typical mum truck is about 10 meters tall, takes up all available lanes and as much of the car park as mum thinks she's rich enough to deserve. it has enough room in it for about 20 normal people but usually contains just fat little Reginald and Emelia on their way to independant schools.
So Ok it may do 50 GALLONS per MILE but do you really expect me to WALK like... eaurgh... COMMON people.
by Geoooooooo March 24, 2005
What dumb right wing fucks seem to think you can run a country without. Dishonist Governmants like to appease dumb rightwing fucks by saying they'll lower taxes and STILL bring good services. THIS IS AGAINST THE BASIC LAWS OF MATHS.

There are two places for money.
a)In rich people's wallets and
b)in poor people's wallets or the governmants money for services etc.

b) needs it a) doesn't
so where should it be? ITS NOT A HARD QUESTION!
but would you believe it some people are still stupid enough to answer b) and unfortunately they are in power.

And no, dumb rightwing fucks you shouldn't keep it because you "earnt it" because cleaners work just as hard as you for a millionth of the wage and the chances are that in your society especially your only in your position and cleaners in their's because of WHO MUMMY AND DADDY WAS!!!

SO stop being greedy and start accepting that tax is essential and the rich need to pay A LOT if we're ever going to have FAIRNESS.
Politician: Our Governmant will lower taxes AND increase spending
Three year old: Mummy, You know you said I couldn't have my cake and eat it? well mr Scary Politician thinks you can. Is he stupid mummy?
by Geoooooooo March 26, 2005
any luxurious, fast, expensive, sometimes unidentified but most importantly unusual car.
A) Wow! what was that?
B) I don't know but it was certainly a snazzmobile
by Geoooooooo March 24, 2005
Northern English for informal "You"
"Tha "thas" them that "thas" thee, lad"
by Geoooooooo March 25, 2005
Anyone who gets promoted to a rank above yours when they've only just arrived when you've been in the same job years and you can't see why there more suitable than you. Used when your feeling enbittered.
He's another bloody instant. An instant supervisor just add weeks.
by Geoooooooo March 28, 2005

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