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A favorable pet name for a well-endowed slong.
Say 'hi' to Mister Bigglesworth.
by geniusH August 05, 2006
Noun-Gay man; spritely in nature.
Ruben is such a rainbowbrite. The dude made melon balls for the barbeque.
by geniusH August 05, 2006
Noun-Big Dumb Animal. Term used when referring to a meathead. Is commonly heard uttering the question, "How much do you think I can bench press?" Tend to be big fans of Vin Diesel movies and big vehicles such as pick-up trucks and H2s. Can be seen "roiding out."

Other qualities to look for:
Enormously large appetites
Ingestion of high quantities of red meat
Wearers of tank tops and sports gear as well as Oakleys and Rayban sunglasses
Listen to Slipknot, Kid Rock, Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, etc.
Drink of choice-Molsen Ice

Idols include:
Vin Diesel
Mike Alstott
Anyone on their college football team (whether the BDA made the team or not)
Steven Segal
Chuck Norris
James Gandolfini
Jill-"Hey BDA, nice head wrinkle!"

Random BDA-"Shut up, yatch before I slap a hoe!"
by geniusH August 05, 2006
Verb-1. To defecate. Can also be shortened to "dimes". 2. The need to defecate in a hurry. Usually there is a small window from when this phrase is uttered to the act of defecating.
Mark-"I really need to drop dimes!"
Anne-"Don't worry, I'm pulling into the nearest rest area."
Mark-"I hope it's close...dimes, honey, dimes!"
by geniusH August 05, 2006

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