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Basically an adorable boy on iCarly. His voice just deepened ALOT and its so funny but I'm like aww awkward little boy!
Nathan Kress: Hey.
Person: What the heck happened to your voice!!!
Nathan Kress: Puberty.

awwww poor little awkward boy!
by geniusGirllx3 October 17, 2008
A store for the silly little children who do not actually buy their own clothes and instead, force their parents to buy them overpriced silly T-shirts with a big word on them. Silly, silly. But, its ok because I personally do not expect the silly little 7-11 year olds to have their own style. They are still silly and young. But, by the time you do not fit your ass into that store, it is time for you to have some style and not wear jeans and a logo T-shirt all the time! (:
Little Sister: Hey look at my new abercrombie T-shirts from abercrombie kids!! Aren't they cool?
Big Sister: (is thinking um no not really) yea sure!!
Little Sister: Yay!!! My big sister thinks I'm cool!!!
Big Sister: oh god i hate abercrombie. I cant wait until my little sister can wear Forever 21......
by geniusGirllx3 October 17, 2008

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