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A bestfriend is someone who won't hate you if you hang with some other people. Someone who is easily to talk to, and who listen's to whatever your saying. Someone who is honest to you and keep your secrets. They will never shout it out to the world. Sometimes when you got in a fight with your bestfriend, they always make up because that is what bestfriends are, not just some ordinary friends. Bestfriends; trustful, true, pure, not hard to get, and loving. Friends aint like bestfriends, friends are people who u hang out and stuff.. but ur friends .. will they listen? will they keep ur secrets? will they lie? All of that is in a bestfriend and suuuure u can have more than one best friend. They will always talk to you about stuff like broken relationships, friends, pms, and many more. They'll give you advise if you need it, they can just do about anything to make you happy.
A: " thankyou for being there for me , thankyou for giving me advise, thankyou for cheering me up when im down , you like someone i could ever trust, what could i ever do without you?"
B: You would be hurt, depressed, and down. =(. That's why i am here, B).
by geeks-R-cool July 14, 2005

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