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1) When one consumes too much alcohol and becomes angry and/or grumpy as they continue to drink.

Origin: A term coined by DB when discussing angry drunks
The woo-hoo girl drank so much at the bar, she became a grrunk and started some fights.

The bonehead at the party got grrunk after doing 6 kegstands in a row and started calling everyone names.

The piss loaded jock at the bar didn't pick up, so he became a grrunk and started some fights.
by gdid March 14, 2012
An extremely cranky curmudgeon who regularly snarls at everything and grrs when displeased.

The term Grrmudgeon was coined by KL and GT when KL misheard GT call him a curmudgeon.
KL: I don't want to see anything! Grrr...
GT: You're such a curmudgeon.

KL: Did you just call me a grrmudgeon? TM that!

GT: No.
by gdid January 30, 2012
This sorority is falling from their top position. They are rude, racist and definitely not classy. It's time the sorority had a good hard look at their latest actions and reevaluated what they are sharing with the world. This is one sorority that has ruined the national image of a true sorority sister.
Chi omega threw a mixer last night. They dressed up as Native Americans and pretended they were in a western.
by GDID December 05, 2012

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