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the act of having sex with someone, pulling out immediately before orgasm and cupping ones hands over ones penis during climax until the penis becomes ensconced in cum. wait 30 seconds, stand, flailing said penis in a circular motion while either screaming dutch helicopter or stimulating sounds made by a helicopter.
she didnt know what on earth i could do that could make the room as disgusting as possible so later on that evening i opted for the dutch helicopter.
#dutch #helicopter #airplane #jizz #funny
by gdef1 January 27, 2010
the act of communicating with someone over the internet, largely taking priority over seeing others in non-cyber realities.
'bro, you down to hit the bar tonight!?'
'nah bro- think ill just stay home and find a honey for some internaction.'
#internet #friends #loneliness #desperation #sex
by gdef1 January 27, 2010
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