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One of larger than normal girth or stature that temporarily overestimates the weight of an object, thus throwing it around haphazardly.
"Hey Herculoaf, take it easy on the bathroom door!"

(this being said after bathroom door has been thrown into the wall behind it, cracking the tiled wall.)
by gcmft January 19, 2008
A p.c.'esque term for gay men in a relationship together.
"I'm pretty sure they're...y'know...partner guys."

"What gives you that idea?"

"The matching cock rings!"
by gcmft January 29, 2008
Derived from the common derogatory phrase "Cum Dumpster" to be applied toward anyone or anything that ravenously picks up or eats crumbs that have been dropped from already eaten foodstuffs.
"Jesus your dog is a fucking crumb dumpster!"

"Yeah? Well maybe you can get the food in your mouth for a change?!"
by gcmft August 21, 2008

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