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3 definitions by gavin1944

A individual who can make sense of someone talking total shite.
"taxi driver: where too mate? response: muhhhhhhhhhh ohhh o m e muhhhh mmm . taxi driver: Youre so fucking pissed joeys mate wouldnt understood you.GET OUT. response: mmmmuaaahm f ukkk errrraah mmmmm."
by gavin1944 February 28, 2008
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a person who is unable to function due to physical disability or excess alcohol, can also be identified by talking complete incoherent shite for a long period of time.
"Q.Can i speak to the manager? A. No he's upstairs completely joeyed.
by gavin1944 February 28, 2008
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Unnaturally large feet on a women, some what like a female version of the big hairy idiot in 'Big Foot and the Hendersons'.
Tara Banks (Americas next top model judge).. 'there's no way you're winning sister you've got plates of meat like Carolines feet.'
by gavin1944 August 05, 2008
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