1 definition by gatewaymenu13

A pathetic attempt at human life,
is sometimes found having sex with chickens and burritos and other mexican steriotypes.
The old bible preaches: Mario is the sole reason for fags and little boy touchers on the earth. If Mario took more dicks in the ass, surgeons would have to come up with a new procedure to remove the week old baby semen found in his rectum.
Some people have often confused Mario with; Satan, Hitler, Rosie O'Donnel, and the fat guy from "My Name Is Earl".
In all senses of the words he is a Jew bitch cock sucking cunt wrangler.
Also he is sometimes seen giving rimjobs and dirty sanchez's to 30 year old frocen decapitaded arabian donkey dick
Evan: "Hey Man did you see Mario giving a rimjob to that 30 year old decapitaded arabian donkey dick"?

Joe: "Hells yeah dawg that shit was tight."
by gatewaymenu13 August 27, 2008

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