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some one so poor (and white trash) that the could not afford the "o" and the "r"
did you see the powhitetrash? he was all up in his own wrangelers?
by garlickman April 21, 2004
1. the sanwich that we all love so much
2. slang for mcdonalds
3. a well hung guy
1. mmmmmm bigmac
2.hey lets go eat at the bigmac!
3. did you see him? he was a bigmac!
by garlickman November 26, 2004
OK i know all you people are drooling over this record but to tell you the truth its just brain washing you i mean if you really look into the lryics you will see that it supports the government and is makeing you all conform. if you listen to this album sirously you will become the american idiot
(((none given))) (((none given)))(((none given)))
by garlickman March 14, 2005
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