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cheerleading is not only a SPORT, its a hard one. 2 mins and 30 secs is not very much, but the practice that goes into that 2 mins 30 secs is unreal. if you think cheerleaders are slutty, think again. i mean, it depends on the person, but not many cheerleaders are in it to look slutty, and if they are, they never last. same with people who only do it for the guys. school cheer maybe, but all star cheer is unbelieveably hard. and most of the people who complain about cheerleading are talking about school cheerleading. all star works 10x harder than alot of sports. and it takes so much more than just looking good. cheerleaders have to not only memorize their whole routine, but have to be able to perform it. they have to be able to tumble, stunt, dance, jump, and and they have to make it look amazingly good. even if they feel like screaming in pain, they have to look like theyre having the most fun theyve ever had, or they can lose points. and the uniforms have to show most of the body, if theyre not the judges cant tell if theyr doing the right body tecnique. and flyers bases have to be able to have a irm grip on them or they could be seriously injured. do you expect us to wear pants or something?? and gymnasts, ice skaters, andwrestlers all wear lesss than us and ive never seen them be called a slut.
in cheerleading we may not make touchdowns, baskets, or homeruns, but that doesnt mean we cant CHANGE THE SCORE
by gangstagirly6 August 02, 2008

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