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the good place to go if your from the country looking for some "excitement" in the most mundane sense of the term. a lot of ppl. go to school there from long island and NYC = rich bitches and farms in upstate new york. its okay for maybe a week and then u get bored ESPECIALLY if your from the city. kids there have attitudes. ppl. dress all vintage-y/artsy but then contradict themselves by buying out all of the hollister fall collection. posers. kids who are "punk" have doctor parents who visit every couple days. there are a lot of art and music students in the area. they r the most ridiculous of them all. a few select people are genuine but the rest just wish they could understand anything at all. they fail out of school and get their "allowance" taken away. lots of hippies, weed usage, shrooms, etc etc etc. not a good atmosphere for busy, motivated ppl. there are A LOT of slutty girls trying to beat the girl to guy ratio by "giving it there all" ppl. are very cocky, even hideous kids who have no chance. the bars in the area are okay...nothing compared to boston where im from. music scenes alright ...there are a few too many college bands with cases on themselves even though they havent made it yet, just b/c they've played successfully in local places doesnt mean u get to give up. LOTS of metrosexuals. many guys swing both ways, and dress way too well. appearances are important to ppl in albany, but looks can AND ARE deceiving. the punk kids r almost completely alll posers. just wearin the clothes playin it cool. k back to albany...its fun for awhile.. BOMBERS, lark street is great, paulys is a lot of fun when theres no where else to go, u see everyone at paesans when they r drunk. if u meet good, real ppl its a lot of fun hanging out in albany. its no boston or new york city...but its a good place to go (citywise) if your slummin' and dont have the energy or willpower to take on the big guns. good for country-folk lookin for adventure BAD for city ppl.....city ppl RUN AAWAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!
boy: hey what's up im from albany.
girl: really...u grew up here???
boy: no i go to school here...im really from outside of troy.
oh...so your from outside of troy...not albany
boy: no i dont want ppl to know i grew up on a farm so i pretend im from albany cuz it sounds cooler and then my punk, horrible childhood act works out better and is more believable
girl: oh cool your from albany...wanna get high and fuck
boy: sure, as long as your okay with me never speaking to u again after and with everyone in school finding out so they know im a real gangsta... bitch.
by gangstabitch101 July 13, 2005

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