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1. Rich. Really rich. Lots and lots and lots of money.
2. Drunk. Really drunk, etc.
1. WOAH look at that guy's car! He's loaded!
2. WOAH look at how that guy's driving! He must be loaded!
by gandalph August 29, 2004
To abort a nuclear reaction in an emergency. Originally, the fuel rods were held in place over a retardent material by ropes. In the event of an emergency, a guy with an axe stood at the ready to cut the ropes, dropping the fuel rods into the control material, thus halting the reaction. Acronym for Safety Cut-Rope Axe Man.
OMG d00d! t3h reactro is going to blwo up!!!!!1 SCRAM it!!!!!11~
by gandalph September 28, 2004
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