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A TV channel that stands for Black Entertainment Television. BET plays reality shows and music like Hip-Hop,R&B, some Jazz and some swing. BET's shows:

1: Rap City: Tha Bassment(Mad Linx and a DJ)
2: 106 & Park(AJ and Free)
3: The Center(Julissa)
4: Top 5 Countdown(Ray J)
5: Top 25 Videos
6: BET Next
7: BET Start
8: BET Style
9: The Parkers
10: Girlfriends
11: Soul Food
12: College Hill
13: BET Comic View
14: BET Blackbuster Movie Premier
15: Spring Bling(Spring time only)
16: Help The People
17: BET Awards
18: BET's Ultimate Hustler(Damen Dash)
BET is my favorite channel 4 life.
by GAME50 October 10, 2005
1: short for the rap group,"Terror Squad"
2: short for "Thought So"
3: street slang for "Tough Shit"

Def 1: "I roll wit ma niggas the TS,and if anyone got a problem,its pure BS" -Fat Joe in the song "Lean Back remix".

Def 2: "I pay attention to school,like my momma TS."

Def 2: "Aye yo,this is TS fa sho homeboy."
by GAME50 October 04, 2005
1) Someone who sees something they want,and immediatly buys it.

2) Someone who looks at something in the window of a store,but can't afford to buy it.

3) A new rap song by 50 Cent,Young Buck,Spider Loc,Olivia and MA$E.

ima window shopper,rolling through monaco france avoiding that copper -50 Cent in Window Shopper.
by GAME50 October 30, 2005
A sexy black supermodel that won the "Americas Top Model". She now hosts a show named "Tyra" and also sings and acts.
Tyra Banks is mad hot.
by GAME50 October 10, 2005
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