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25 definitions by game50

Mainly a Black Community, Bedford Stuyvesant, or Bed-Stuy is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Today, Bedford Stuyvesant is a real bad neighborhood to be and to live in. Mayor Michael Bloomberg of 2005, declared Bed-Stuy the most dangerous, dirty, and highest crime rate neighborhood out of Brooklyn. Over the last year, Bedford Stuyvesant has gotten a little bit better and very few parts a little cleaner. Bed-Stuy is also bordered by Canarsie, East New York, New Lots and is not to far from the Brooklyn Border.
Everyday, I take the L-Train to Bedford Stuyvesant to get to my school.
by GAME50 November 08, 2005
63 31
The clothing/assesorys people in/from the hood wear.
Tall Tees,Stop Snitching,Snowman,Converse,Du-Rags,Hood Candy,Bandanas and Bling are all Hood Wear.
by GAME50 October 10, 2005
33 7
A gang from the Latin Kings. The Falks originated from Forest Avenue in Ridgewood,Queens,New York.

Person 1: Who you roll with?
Person 2: The Falks from 68th Street.
by GAME50 October 12, 2005
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A large town in Manhattan,New York City. It's considered by Harlem rappers(MA$E,Nigga Who ect.) it's the most ghetto-ish place on the East Coast,and mostly a Black community.

(2)Spanish Harlem AKA East Harlem:

The eastern part of Harlem,that consists of mostly Hispanics.
Harlem & Spanish Harlem is da most hoodest place to be noadays.
by GAME50 October 07, 2005
51 27
Abreviation for the internet service "America Online". Anyone that lives in the United States,Thousand Islands or Puerto Rico have options to use it. Currently,theres AOL Dial-Up,AOL Broadband,Road Runner and AOL DSL. AOL is also owned by the cable company "Time Warner Digital Cable".
AOL is an expensive ISP if you use broadband.
by GAME50 October 09, 2005
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A ghetto in Brooklyn,New York that has a lot of hot girls and homies that don't play that shit. Cypress is bordered by East New York,Park Slope and a small part of Ridgewood and it's community projects. Cypress also has it's own community park,which is called "Highland Park" which has all kinds of stuff to do there.
Cypress in da hoooooouse!!!!!
by GAME50 October 10, 2005
43 37
A ghetto neighborhood in north Brooklyn, and was once considered the worst town in America. Bushwick is known for the Crips, and is dirty, dangerous, dirty, and unpleasant to live in. The neighborhood is also mostly a Black Community, though the western side has a lot of Hispanics and Russians.
I was rollin' thorugh Bushwick the other day, and noticed that it's mad hood.
by GAME50 November 08, 2005
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