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Epically OMG (EOMG!): When something is so amazing it is epically so.
EOMG! that Squirrel can fly!!!
#omg #oh my god #epic #holy crap #holy moley
by galenasmart June 22, 2009
A combination of absolutely and positively. To create a more truthful word.
Person 1: "I think you're weird."
Person 2: "I absapositively think you're weird too."
#absolutely #positive #positively #yes #absapositivly
by galenasmart March 01, 2010
A sigh jinx is when two or more people sigh at the same time, and one person yells Sigh jinx! Thus causing the other sighing members to be rendered silent until their name is said three times in a row.
Sean and Jessica sighed at the same time. Jessica yelled Sigh Jinx! At the top of her lungs rendering Sean silent until she said his name three times.
#jinx #sigh #silent #silence #mute
by galenasmart November 23, 2009
Like weaponry, except is more awesome.

Also, a tree which grows weapons.
Oh my gosh! That tree is covered in weapontry!
#weapon #weaponry #weapons #munitions #weapontree #military
by galenasmart November 13, 2010
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