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The only thing you've got, in the end.

Have fun
Cherish it as best you can.
by Galen Deepinglen August 05, 2004
The one thing that, being completely relentless and inevitable, you need not worry about.
Death? Why the hell should I care about Death? She get's one shot at me and then I'm in the clear.
by Galen Deepinglen August 05, 2004
A game where mortals playing themselves off as gods.
Kerry is perfect
Bush is perfect
Kerry is perfect
Bush is perfect
by Galen Deepinglen August 04, 2004
1. A great, troubled writer who's broken, honest voice makes his music so much more endearing.
2. Founder of Saddle Creek and father of that pantheon.
3. A really, really pretty androgynous guy. :-P
I believe that lovers should be tied together// and thrown into the ocean in the worst of weather// left there to drown, left there to drown in their innocence-Conor Oberst
by Galen Deepinglen May 22, 2004
1. A bunch of beautiful, feisty kids who know alot more about life than most. Possibly a motley of satyr and pooka wilder.
No we won't be scared
No we won't back down
We will sing pretty songs about love
And we will fight if that's what it takes
And we won't back down
No we won't shut our eyes and go to sleep
We will write all over your walls
And we will dance to no music at all
We will do what it takes to get through to you.
-Tilly and the Wall
by Galen Deepinglen August 05, 2004
The only game whos quality is based entirely on who plays it. Some munchkins and posers give the entire game a bad name, while someone who spits on the aformentioned denominations can make the game reasonably enjoyable.
by Galen Deepinglen March 21, 2003
A plastic object with 10 sides. Arbits the fate of vampires, werewolves, RD's, faeries, mummies, and gammers unsure on High School courses next year.
The little things on my desk *waves his desk so all the nice people on the website can see.*
by Galen Deepinglen May 22, 2004
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