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redundancy on list that should have been removed long ago
overlooking removing redundant words from lists will not even get ya a pappyslap, though
by galcoolest March 18, 2005
n. the furious tirade or scolding delivered in anger and/or disgust by the boss man of one's household or in one's life, which while not progressing to a physical show of force, is a very severe slam to one's overall serenity and standing with the person who's furious.

v. to severely lash out in anger and/or disgust at a family member under your charge/responsibilty as the male authority in that person's life.
Ronnie ain't even ak-sing a go out fo a few afta the pappyslam fo lyin' he dun got Thurssay nite, bro.
by galcoolest March 09, 2005
n. an attractive, classy and street smart, but hard- to- get gal who is judged to be a grade above the average, boring "white bread" type gals.
Shudda bin dere, bro. Hella sly eye rye Belinda gits outta da rig an ev'ry dam dog whos be seein' dis fox be fo reel be scrapin dare dam jawas up offa da s'teet.
by galcoolest March 01, 2005
n. Someone who has foul breath
adj. having foul breath

Var: n. dentyno disasta- someone with bad breath all the time, no matter what they do to try to fix it
adj. having gross breath always
Wussy dentyno who be hustlin Hootie ain't jack.

Dang, dat bro being dentyno today, straight up.

Head up, bro. Kiesha be dentyno disasta, fo real.
by Galcoolest February 26, 2005
n. a lazy guy who just wants to lay down and do nothing even outdoors on a nice day
n. Jes' ignore Jess, he never be nuthin' but a dang hammock hound jes' like his swaggin' pa....
by galcoolest June 24, 2005
n. an admonishment or scolding from your father (or -- whoever's the boss man of your house) which is delivered in front of another family member(s), usually the boss woman of the house, to make it seem like you are being properly disciplined for bad behavior, but in reality the dressing down is for show, and you know the one scolding is on your side, has no issue with your actions, and is just pretending to be righteous to appease the other family member. To be distinguished from a pappyslam, which is a show of genuine anger and/or disgust.
v. to scold a youth still under one's watch without seriousness in fact, but to satisfy the demands of another authoritative family member.
Tyrone say his pop dun pappyslapped his hiney durin' suppa for haulin' off on Zeke like dat - so's ta git his mama ta lay offa his butt boutit. Ole man tole Ty bee-fo den dat dat pussy sucka haddit cumin' fo reel, strate up.
by galcoolest March 06, 2005
Adj. describes a guy who pretends to be the committed boyfriend to a girl solely becuase he knows she loves to cook great, homestyle meals for her man every night.
Var: n. chitlin' chaser
Yo, Zoot, Antwan dun dogs Jamila for choice booty an'jes be chitlin' chasin on Twanika.
by Galcoolest February 27, 2005
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