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An acronym which letters stand for "masturbating from home". This is a corruption of the original corporate office environment acronym for "working from home", and was conceptually derived from the obvious incorporation of masturbation 'breaks' taken by those working in their home environs during the workday.
Co-Worker #1: "Are you MFH today?"
Co-Worker #2: "Yeah - the software requirements are 90% complete, but I've only taken one break so far this morning."
by galamaria February 11, 2008
In a client-vendor relationship situation, the act of cunnilingus, specifically performed by a male member of the vendor company upon a female representing the client organization.
Colleague #1: "So, whaddya workin' on right now?"
Colleague #2: "I'm client-facing on that healthcare claims project."
Colleague #1: "Dude!"
by galamaria March 07, 2008

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