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3 definitions by gala

At Phillips Exeter Academy, in lieu of detention, for skipping a class, something known as a dickie is given, which has no real effect until three are accumulated, at which point one is punished with early curfew and suspended priviledges.
Supposedly from an old headmaster known for giving out a good deal of punishments.
When I skipped my English class, I managed to get out of getting a dickie by telling my teacher I was in the health center sleeping even though I was actually watching a movie with my buddies in the common room.
by Gala August 14, 2004
The onomatopoeic sound of a raspberry. (Amount of Bs may vary depending on length of raspberry. Also thpppppt.)
Out of sheer childishness, Tom razzed his friend with a loud "Thbbbbbt."
by Gala August 14, 2004
Dude did you see Nehemiah last nite?
Yea man, I broke my arm in the mosh.
by gala March 31, 2005