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This phrase is heavily based on its context. It can be used to describe how you are feeling, how good/bad somthing/someone is/looks, nearly anything... granted you provide the proper context.

Originated from the colloquial use of the word "Crazy" during "The 10:30" at Chaffey Community College in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

"Crazy" > "Bananas" > "Bananas in Pajamas" > "Bananas in Pajamas are coming down the stairs" > "Coming down the stairs"
a) "How you doin man?"
b) "Aright, chillin.. just comin down the stairs."

"You see that new girl? She comin down the staaairs."

"Ey, your new song is comin down the stairs. Tight."

a) "You study for the test already?"
b) "Naw man.. but I heard that shit is coming down the stairs."
a) "Yea, I heard too."
by gabeB January 26, 2007

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