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the word babyhands means one of two things 1. you have a tiny hands compared to your body like a babys hands or. you have swift hands for stealing and doing other notorious tasks that require smooth hands..like a baby
1. That kid dan has some babyhands man i saw him go into 7/11 and steal like 20 packs of gum damn.
2. Evans babyhands were just small enought to fit throught the tiny hole.
by gabby numings April 02, 2007
The jist of the word "Babyfresh" basically means you look really good and are cool. the word orignates from pittsburgh pennsylvania and is often used to desribe a person by rating how cool they are. another name for "Babyfresh" is "Papasniffs" which is just another variartion of the word.
That kid Danny was one "Babyfresh" kid
by gabby numings March 27, 2007
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