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6 definitions by gRuVeKiTtY

1. At the end of your rope.

2. Can't deal with life anymore.
"I'm sick of everyone, I'm losing my religion"
by gRuVekiTtY July 17, 2005
60 19
Term meaning "Glitch No Kill" used while playing Socom online, to define a type of room where everyone in the room doesn't kill each other, they just play around with the glitches on that particular level.
I found out some glitchs for foxhunt, lets go in a GNK room and I'll show u.
by gRuVekiTtY September 07, 2005
13 3
1. When talking in a messenger pm box with someone annoying, on a chat client such as YIM, AIM or MSN, it's used to say "Stop Pming me" or "Fuck off" to the person you're talking to.
"Get out my box! before I put ur ass on iggy!"
by gRuVeKiTtY August 11, 2005
5 0
1. A place, website, forum, chatroom where n00bs gather, or too many n00bs visit to think they're 1337.

2. A group or crew of n00bs who call themselves uber and ask annoying newbie questions.
"Man, that one site had turned into total N00b-Zone!"

"Lets get out this chatroom, it's N00b-Zone!"

"Those kids are 100% n00b-zone!"
by gRuVeKiTtY July 26, 2005
14 9
Abbrieviation for the word PROGRAM commonly used by Tech Geeks and Haxors.
"Hey Man, I'm looking for that one prog to catch spyware, do u have it?"
by gRuVekiTtY July 18, 2005
36 61
A hoe that turns tricks.
Look at that sleazy trickster turning on her cam turning tricks!
by gRuVeKiTtY November 17, 2005
13 46