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2 definitions by gRip

In climates with significant weather changes between the four seasons, a Perma-Short is someone who will wear shorts all year round, regardless of temperature. Usually, Perma-Shorts are male with long unruly hair. They usually complement their shorts with an old t-shirt usually displaying something related to dragons, wolves, eagles, or Def Leppard. It is usually postulated that most Perma-Shorts think they are some how getting back at society by refusing to wear coats and pants.
"Who's the Perma-Short in the net shorts across the street? It's fucking 10 below today!!" --> "What a bad ass, that firey dragon t-shirt is ice cold"
by gRip June 28, 2007
12 0
The distinguished gentleman who takes a shit on a bon fire.
This bon fire is getting old. Hey Johnny, spice it up maestro!
by gRip October 07, 2006
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