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A band of three brothers that used to have a good sound (back when Nick was a soprano) but then Disney Channel decided to sign them and give them a bajillion dollars and now their music sucks and a bunch of fat spoiled little middle-school girls scream and faint and die because of them.
Spoiled 12-year-old girl: Oh My Jonas! I love the Jonas Brothers! Joe is such a hunk! Ahh! I'm gonna marry him one day! Ahh!
Other spoiled12-year-old girl: No way! He's mine!
Spoiled 12-year-old girl: No way! I called him first! But you can have Nick.
Other spoiled12-year-old girl: Whatever, at least my man has normal eyebrows.

Former Jonas-Brother Fan: FUCK YOU FATTIES.
by gLeek<3 March 27, 2010

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