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emo (emo haxorz) persons who like to think of themselves as uber i-am-smarter-than-you persons...but they are emo...so they are not uber...
emo haxorz daily hacking:
<google download virus>
<hard disk erased>
<emo suicide >
<scream scream turn off>
by g3nocid April 26, 2007
annoying assholes that leech everything...
like to brag around for their knowledge..usually recognized by their annoying questions like: giv meh teh hax plz plz plz!!111!!!!oneone!!!eleven!!11 u faking asshole give meh teh hackz i hax u, if u dont giv meh teh hax!!!1
leechers noob haxorz:
<uber codes alredy programed>
<make virus>
= virus the one that infects and crash and destroy ur komputer
</virus making proggram>
i infected ur computer! hah u beotch! now i stronger then you!

mike: get a life...stop being addictive to google
by g3nocid April 26, 2007

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