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another testiment of jesus christ, written by joseph smith and studdied by latter day saints, or mormons. this book is not false doctarine, and mormons are not bad people or polygamists, if you are somehow under the impression that they are feel free to talk to one. before you critisize the book of mormon go ahead and read it, everything in it can be backed up by the bible, which i am pretty sure is the basis of most christian religions, which brings me to another subject. mormons ARE christians, why else would they call their church The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Days Saints, emphasis on the Jesus Christ part, jeez. quit the mormon bashing and give em' a chance.
person 1: what is the book of mormon?

person 2: another testament of Jesus Christ

by g-thug-gangsta-fo-shizzle-ma-nizzle September 20, 2006

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