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The act of one bro having significant relations (sexual or otherwise) with more than one other bro at the same time.
Out in Utah, it is not uncommon for a group of Mormon bra's to practice broligamy.
by g-spice October 19, 2009
Has no one definition and can chameleon as any part of speech, however it functions best as a verb. It may be be used in any context at any time positive or negative. It is like the blank spaces on mad libs in that it has the unique ability to let the listener apply whatever they are feeling at any given time. The word is also able to envelop the rest of one's sentence like a warm blanket around you on a cold snowy day. It is like snorting a dash of cocaine before your final exams or eating cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven. It is simply just everything.
I need to zoop some money out of the atm.

He zooped her hard after dinner last night.

I savagely zooped down my Grand Slam at Denny's this morning.

After work we planned on zooping down to San Diego for a zoopin' good time.

I wish i could zoop a bit of sleep tonight.

Looks like she zoops beer even faster than cum!
by g-spice October 19, 2009

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