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The following is typical of an Oldfields student:
-Peircing a body part, getting a tattoo, or dying your hair within the first two months of school.
-Finding every possible excuse to leave school, miss class, or sleep in.
-Leaving to use the bathroom and never returning to class.
-Attempting to run away.
-Getting DCed multiple times in one year.
-Fighting for a seat on the bus to the mall.
-Purchasing diet pills every other day.
-Getting caught smoking either cigaretts, pot, or in some extreme cases crack.
-Getting campused numerous amounts of times in one year.
-Applying for a job at Hooters.
-Getting arrested.
-Or...Last BUT NOT LEAST, withdrawing from school at some point in time, typically after or during your first year.
Oldfields school is a fine institution for future delinquents
by g-slice September 10, 2005
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