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(1) a n*gga who don't eat it but like to get his sucked is a bitch ass n*gga which is a form of bitchassness
(2)a girl who don't go down but like to get hers eaten out is bitchassness; it goes both ways.
(3) boys who brag to there boys about girls they aren't f*cking is a sign of severe bitchassnesss and just low self esteem.
-Boy: so are you going to go down?
Girl: sure, are you going to go down on me too?
Boy:sure... o-O
Girl....(is finished) welllll
Boy: I just remembered I got a test to study for tomorrow. (putting his pants on)
Girl: >:|

boy:so do you wanna go out with me?
girl:I'm not interested.
boy: you know how good you will look to be on my arm? girls will hate you and men will adore you. >:|
girl:girls already HATE on me and men already ADORE me and your one of em so eff off!
boy:*thinking* I'll show her. (next day at school to his boys)
Yoooo sonnnnnn, you see that girl right there, I fcked her last night. She sucked my dxck and then I kicked her ass ouutttt!
Boys:(jocking and jeering mad hardddd)ohhh weeeerrrrdddd soonn, she got a fatttyyyy. you hit that!!(giving and getting out pounds)
^^^Another sick case of bitchassness. Because she wouldn't let him fck, he was a bitch ass n*gga.
by fvb May 19, 2011

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