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a fucking funny cartoon. if you dont like south park then you are gay,not metrosexual, just gay
South Park narrator: The following presentation is brought to you in spooky vision and will be accompanied by pictures of Barbara Streisand
voice: agghhhh!!!
by fuyu no kaze May 08, 2005
the greatest invention of man
it is impossible to find what you want from the internet...so in the end i just end up looking at good old reliable porn
young boy: mum, i need to find out about whales for my project
Boys mother: try the internet
young boy: i did but it came up with fat porn
by fuyu no kaze May 09, 2005
someone who likes to stir shit with people all these other definitions about low-ranking company employees...
thats shit shoveler dickheads
you wanna fight shit kicker
man he can be a real shit kicker.
he loves to kick shit with everybody
by fuyu no kaze May 09, 2005
a great rap group made up of 6 members with their alter egos making the extra 6. they threaten and diss almost anybody. i think d12 stands for the 12 disciples???
d12 is da only rap group i would listen to. they dont sound wimpy when they bitch
by fuyu no kaze May 09, 2005
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