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Jap. 腐女子. literally: rotten girl. A pun, based on the homonymous term for woman (jap. 婦女子). Ironical self-description by readers of Yaoi Dōjinshi. The female counterpart to the male Otaku.

(translated from the german wikipedia page for Otaku)
I'm a fujoshi.
(The rulesets demand me to write shit even though I don't know what I'm talking about, and at the same time prevents me to link an image that'll explain things better than a thousand words)
by fuqnbastard September 16, 2005
1) a place that it's very hard to get to
2) a mysterious place of power, where the dark elite resides
3) a place that might or might not be real, depending on the definition

"One does not simply <activity> oneself into Mordor." discredits <activity> by stating that it does not live up to one's own impossibly inflated (and potentially misguided) standards.
<CHINA> Im warezing it ;<
<Alakala> One does not simply warez himself into Mordor.
<CHINA> One does not simply use an overused meme to answer me into mordor
by fuqnbastard November 19, 2005
"opened for terry cloth lobster"

terry cloth lobster is a more or less real band. They have a list of weird band names, that they say were an opening act for them. The idea is, that what has been said could also be a weird band name.
by fuqnbastard December 25, 2004

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