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An event so good that is worthy of being national holiday. It would never make it through the house or senate.... so you make it your own.
"I can't believe she got him to take her to Jamaica after 2 dates... what an epic holiday."

"Did he really take her out and hook up with her mom the next day... he just made his epic holiday."
by fungruvn March 02, 2010
1. A rare one of a kind picture.

2. An internationally famous picture taken during the 2008 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. West Virginia players #92 Johnny Dingle and #93 Scooter Berry were sitting in reverse order on the bench so the two jerseys created the name Berry Dingle. The first Berry Dingle was created.

There have been numerous photos taken of the 2 players that reference Dingle Berry, but this is the only known Berry Dingle in existence.
Girl: Check out this picture I took of the sunset on the beach!

Dude: I would frame it. That pic is def Berry Dingle...

Girl: Go Mountaineers!
by fungruvn April 29, 2010

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