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CHALGA is a mixture of Serbian, Gypsie, Greek and Turkish music that is very popular amongst Bulgarian truck drivers, wood workers, waiters, undereducated persons and working class individuals as a whole.
No one can explain the CHALGA phenomenon - the strangest thing about it being the lack of any Bulgarian roots in the CHALGA subculture and still its high popularity in Bulgaria only. Bulgarians tend to like other Balkan peoples' shitty Oriental music and at the same time seem to ignore their own beautiful European folk music.
The word CHALGA has Turkish or Gypsie roots and it means a small orchestra of drunk gypsie musicians, making shitty noise in the middle of the night.
The CHALGA subculture has its own trade mark way of dressing - it is the pimp/prostitute fashion style.
Men should look tough and shuld be covered in golden jewelry while women should look as dumb as possible and should be dressed in a way corresponding to the style of the shittiest prostitute on the road side.
Bulgarian CHALGA musicians get inspired by mustached Turkish crap-eaters and Serbian big-boobed whores.
Fuck knows why...
"Hide na chalga parti u Planyeta Painyer!" - Let's go to a chalga party at Pioneer Planet.
by fukktor April 10, 2005

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