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1 definition by fughilli

An amazing, intelligent, funny, and youthful girl with an amazing smile. Is always there when you need her, gives the best hugs, and is always happy. (If she isn't she'll do her best to make you think otherwise!) She masks her overwhelming intelligence with cute idiosyncrasies, but don't underestimate her. She truly is the best girl there is.
Dude 1) "Man, I was feeling really bad today, but then Sonja and I had a heartfelt conversation, and I feel awesome now!"
Dude 2) "Yeah dude, Sonja's the best!"

Dude) "Hello Sonja!"
Sonja) "Herro!"
Dude) "How are you?"
Sonja) "I is goodly! And you?"
Dude) "Better than I was 15 seconds ago! :D"
by fughilli November 19, 2010