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When a guy takes a shit, doesn't wipe and mounts the face of a passed out drunk girl and let's his dick lay between her tits.
Jenny the slut passed out on the couch again, let's put an Auburn necktie on her and take a picture for the yearbook.
by fuct73 June 15, 2009
When you fuck a drunk blonde girl on the rag and every couple pumps, take your cock out and wipe the blood off with her hair creating red highlights or if she is a bleeder then you can make her a full redhead.

6-RR is a code for red hair dye.
Dude, that blonde slut in the mini-skirt is so drunk, her tampon string is hanging out of her thong. You should take her in the room and give her a new hair-do , 6-RR (six double r) styley.
by fuct73 August 03, 2009
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