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2 definitions by fuckyouman123

bodacious girl who lives in the deep depths of the black forrest. she's got jungle fever 24/7...literally. She has a thing for them country bumpkins, careful...she may kill you with her rack.
did you see that girl last night?

man she ignored me for denzel.......SHE WAS CLIO
by fuckyouman123 October 07, 2011
8 14
An awkward young boy in the midst of his puberty. His penis is approximately 0.12 cm long. Once you see a Gabriel you will laugh non stop at a near by wendys. He likes to glare and has the power to awkwardify things.
Why did you put a restraining order on him?

Oh man because he was such a gabe!
by fuckyouman123 October 07, 2011
3 15