1 definition by fuckyeahalltimelowswears

The lead singer of All Time Low. His name literally means YOU. ME SEX. NOW. He is having a bromance with All Time Low's guitarist Jack Barakat. He wears anything he wants and still look extremely hot, he can even pull off a skirt. He said that he doesn't know how to swear and that all his mind are capable of is pulling two out of nowhere and stringing them together, and he once called Matt Flyzik a dick fucker.
Me: I went and saw All Time Low yesterday.

Person: Really? How was it.

Me: How was what?

Person: It.

Me: Oh you mean 'IT'

I saw Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat making babies.

Person: Duh, his name literally means YOU. ME. SEX. NOW.
by fuckyeahalltimelowswears September 09, 2010

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